I was facing a challenge...

Nobody talked...

Nothing. Only awkward silence.

I was supposed to teach people English and it felt like a funeral. The learners didn't say anything. They knew grammar and vocabulary, but couldn't communicate. 

I was in trouble.

The standard way of teaching worked like a wet towel to dry off with (boring and useless).

I dropped it and fast.

Instead we started focusing on having real conversations in the class environment. I taught techniques for good conversation and communication skills. During that time we explored a wide range of skills from ice breakers to in depth conversation. This was how teaching communication started.

​My favorite quote about conversation.

“Our lives succeed or fail… one conversation at a time”

-Susan Scott

I love enriching conversations.

​To reach ​you beyond the classroom, I took all the techniques from teaching conversation and added to them. From talking to children to cross cultural understanding​ plus read all the communication books I could find. After testing and trying concepts and techniques until I perfected a system for effective communication – A method you can learn for speaking in English.

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