A company’s secret weapon in sales (and how you can use it)

Some of the BEST and WORST businessmen come from the same bunch: Specialists (AKA technicians)

I was working with this guy he was the company’s TOP salesman. I couldn’t figure it out. He had none – NONE! of the qualities you would expect from a salesman.

  • Shy – introverted almost to the point of embarrassing.
  • Not at all warm even when you get to know him
  • Very technical and precise (Nothing he said was something I could understand).
  • He was more interested in things than people.
  • He didn’t look me in the eye.

…and Yet, When the company needed to close a sale, needed to turn around a project, they asked him.

It took me a while, but I finally figured out how he did it.

It was like when I was a young teen. My favorite film was Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I loved (still get chuckles out of it today) the movie. It remains to be one of the long enduring funniest films I’ve seen. – My brother, friends, and girlfriend all know the jokes and we laugh even in reference to them.

Those who haven’t seen the film – or don’t get Monty Python – they aren’t part of the club. And they won’t be. If I start singing “spam, Spam, SPAM!!” and you join me. Then you get it.

If you say “Beautiful plumage, the Norwegian Blue”. You get it. We’re part of the group: Monty Pythoners. Only if you understand, can you join. You don’t understand, you can’t join. It’s just the way it is.

These inside jokes and laughter create a special bonding between us – a trust.

The more we bond and connect the more that trust deepens.

That’s where the technician comes in. When he starts speaking with other technicians about the project, problem, or offer they understand each other. The information clicks. They have synergy and bonding between them. That bonding that is much tighter than the common business relationships. Simply said, the jargon, the jokes, and the inside technotalk create the bonding. That bonding IS trust. And that is where the technician can succeed above the normal businessmen because he has the inside game that others aren’t playing yet. This is what builds the longer lasting relationships.

Right away they get to it…

  • Connect to the right people
  • Know the people in a deep way

That’s what the specialist brings – what the technician brings.

It doesn’t matter the field. All of them have their own vocabulary, their own hidden quirks and jokes. Once you’re in on those – then the people you connect with on that level understand you. Relate and yes trust. That’s why it’s good to have the technicians as salesmen.

I’m not a technician, not even a salesman – but I know how to connect with people. I know how to bring them and deepen that relationship in business.

If you want to talk more. Let me know.

Steven (Techie) McIntosh

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