Blah blah better than straight talk

This is a little experience on different kinds of speaker and maybe you can think on what type you might be. You’ve got…

  • Poets – They like the lyrical and mystery
  • Technical – they like everything precise – give the correct language.
  • Embellisher – they like to add lot of extra to what they say
  • Straight talkers – they say it like it is (or try to)

Which one are you?

For myself, I have often thought of myself as a straight talker. Someone who “says it like it is”. But…

As I’ve grown, I see that all of them are necessary. I need to be all of them. They person who just “says it like it is”. To me, that great. That’s what I want to hear.

The problem:

straight talking is too fast, too general. Unless you’re paying attention you miss it. This has happened a number of times with friends and family. The other day my friend was talking about how she didn’t have enough time to do what she wanted. The normal things… too many activities… too many people demanding her attention. Blah, blah, blah.

If she wants to go somewhere with it, then I have time. If not, then no, I don’t want to talk about it. (Straight talking, straight thinking – if you don’t like it, hey find by me.)

“It sounds like you need to budget your time.” I said. That’s all a simple sentence.

She kept on talking. Didn’t seem to notice that I’d said anything. I didn’t say anything more. I decided to change the subject. Why? Because I’d said enough. That one sentence was it.

She asked why I wanted to talk about something else.

“Because, you didn’t want to talk about what was important. Budgeting your time.

Come to find out, she did want to talk about it. She just needed time to warm up. Time to find out what she was thinking and how to go about it. She didn’t need the straight talker she needed someone who would listen and embellish on what she said. Then she could find out how to budget her time.

That’s good for her, good for me that I see I need to embellish – next time I’ll be talking about the poet and technician – although they seem at opposite ends they also have a lot in common.

If you want to hear some straight talking about your business, that’s what you’ll get.

You’re one conversation away (from)

Steven (Straight Talking) McIntosh 

P.S Some say it could all be a waste. A part of me agrees, but still… I love language and even the extras part of it.

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