Buckingham Palace: Make them come to you

From Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace. You’ll notice there isn’t a soul on the street on the long walk (1km -called the Mall).
It’s empty – barren.
The royal family is still in mourning over the queen’s passing and wants space.
Walking down it, without all the hustle and bustle it was easy to imagine how dignitaries of old would ride or walk up to the palace.
What a way to make an impact. The slow procession to this grand palace.
That’s a way to make an impression; set the tone. But also do it with ease and elegance.
I can almost imagine when they created it.
“This is what you’re getting. You come to us; We see you; we’ll wait.”
The closer you walk there, the more you want to see. It’s there attracting you, pulling you in.
At the same time, the palace, the family, the guards – they’re letting you know who’s boss.
The business (and life) lessons from this walk were immense.

Here’s a small recap:

  • Draw the people in – attract them with how magnificent you are.
  • Let them wait. For God’s sake don’t give it to them all at once (just like the Mall) You can barely see the Palace and slowly it comes into view. That’s the same idea with your offer and your business.
  • Make it grand (I think that point is clear)
Just to give you an idea of how much all the pomp and prestige give the royal family I read as high as conservative between $2.7 Billion and the highest $28 Billion dollars a year. The Royal family might not be an official business, but they definitely have a way of bringing in foreign money to spend on them.
Not too many companies match the grandeur of the Royal Estate in Britain, but there’s a lot to learn about business from them. If you want to add that kind of grandeur and pomp to your business, there’s no better way than setting up a meeting with yours truly.
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