Choose a Unique Value: Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd


Don’t be normal, don’t be boring. Choose a value that’s completely different and put you in a different world from your competition. Most companies choose values that the whole industry uses, which doesn’t make them unique, but rather makes them just like everyone else. For example:
Top-notch service
High quality

These values are so common that they have become boring and overused.

To truly differentiate yourself, you need to think of values that are completely different from anything else out there. Disney is a great example of a company that has unique values, such as creativity and children.
Victoria’s Secret has a value that is completely unusual – fantasy. They have models that have wings, like angels or fairies, which creates a brilliant fantasy world that no other lingerie brand has done before.

When it comes to choosing a value, one of the things that works is to take the opposite value and ask yourself.
"Is this a value too?"
For example, fantasy and reality are two values. They are opposite, but they are both values.

If you take a value like high quality the opposite is low quality. So, that’s not a value that can set you apart. It’s not a value at all. The value you choose a has its own unique set. The opposite also has its own unique set.

For instance, you could use fast and slow as values, but only in certain contexts. Slow food has become a value in the food industry – a s opposed to fast food. So they’ve set that as a value.
Your value is then industry specific (whereas something like "high quality" isn’t.)

In the technology industry, fast internet is what everybody wants, so it’s not a unique value. The opposite doesn’t work.

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