Slamming sales with a Poet’s weapons

There’s this point in the film Shawshank Redemption when there is a lady singing over the prison yard, everyone is standing enjoying the breath of freedom – just for a moment. Whenever I see that scene. I feel like I am standing there with Red – feeling just as free as him. I too, want to understand what she was singing – the composer and piece.

That piece of cinematography is poetry, pure poetry. We’ll get glimpses of it through our life.

  • Birds lofting on high.
  • A meal cooked with love and offered with warmth.
  • A melody that touches us.

These moments touch us. Lift our souls out of the mire. That’s what poets do.

They draw the audience into the scene (read: offer) in such a way that it creates an emotion. They help elevate our consciousness, and free us.

A poem is often about creating imagery that draws a person into the poem into the lyric. The truly great poems have a way that the reader places themselves into the poem. The poet does this through repetitive words, turns of phrase rhyme and combining unusual images. A truly stunning poem or image will be one that brings you into a reality you didn’t know exists in the lightens your consciousness. It sets you free, but at the same time, it can ground you.

All businesses’ offers should place  their prospective customers at the scene.

Delve deep into beauty, poetry, and lyrics. Seek to elevate the consciousness of your audience to draw them in. Give them a world in which they can truly imagine.

If your looking to create the special bond with your clients, understand them – that’s where I come in. I’ve done it again and again. And can do it with your customers too.

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