Team Apple VS. Team Microsoft: Which are you?

Team Microsoft VS. Team Apple -Which one are you in?

Microsoft and Apple are actually not in much competition with each other.  They focus on different products and different market segments. Yes, there is overlap – but not actually that much. 

The question isn’t Which products do you prefer?” No. The question is:

How do you think and act in your business?

For me, it’s Mircosoft.
Because I’m not Steve Jobs.
I don’t have trillions to spend and wait before I release a product. 

I want to get quick responses, see what works, what doesn’t and make changes along the way. 

  • Microsoft philosophy: Keep on trying till you get it right.
  • Apple philosophy: Make it perfect 

Unlike what people think, Apple isn’t and hasn’t been about innovation.
They weren’t, (most likely won’t be) and haven’t been “the first” in anything for a long time. 
What Apple does, It does as best it can – and tries to be better than anyone else. 

Microsoft takes the approach of “get it out fast, perfect it along the way.”

MS has great ideas – great products, they just aren’t perfected. 

The HoloLens is the perfect example. When I tried it, it worked. And it worked well, but there were just a few missing things that could have made it exceptional. I imagine Apple will wait until everyone else has done it, and then find a way to do it the best way possible. 

The question is though. What’s the best way for you?


If you’re the kind of company or person that needs to get it out, and create – that’s why I’m here. 

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