Curry in Your Ketchup – Marketing

It was a surprise – that’s for sure.
You don’t really expect it, you know. I was going into the Tavern (yes, it was an honest to God Tavern) and ordered Fish ‘n’ Chips. Having never been to London, I thought I’d have the most iconic food there was.

It was great. Beer battered, deep fried, flaky haddock.

Better than I expected.
And there was the Ketchup -ketchup with curry.

That, I didn’t expect. Not the curry. This was the most English of English food I could get – and there was a bit of Indian thrown in. (Not that I minded – it was only surprising.)

And that’s it. Indian culture has so influenced the English that it’s even in their most iconic of dishes.
I don’t think people even notice it, but it’s there.

I assumed one thing, (Normal ketchup) and got something else. The experience was quite a bit different (and better) than I would have thought.
Even thought you might be serving your customers, talking in their language – there is often a hidden part that they don’t even notice. One they aren’t telling you. It’s influencing their thinking and behavior – just like curry in the ketchup.


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