Horror – the better part of business

Horror is where the true loot of your business lies. The mighty truth of these words should strike ye to the core.
Not in fantasy.
Nor in sci-fi.
Forget Marvel and Disney. (Unless you be near as big as Big D. or Isac Asimov.) If you be business and You want to do right by it horror is the way

(This is coming from and an admitted Sword Weilding Sci-fi/fantasy/adventure seeker.
I love it all…And can’t stand horror.)

So, why pray tell, am I advising horror instead of my love of fantasy?
Glad you asked my mateys.
Because horror takes the story and makes it specific. It ain’t about saving the world, it’s about a family, a person, a house – Something small, personal, and intimate.

You want to be doing this with your business. Making it all intimate and personal like.

Make your business all intimate and personal – Just like they do in the horror genre. That’s how you really get to your customers.

And that’s where I come in.
Your Fearless adventurer knows how to woo the hearts and souls of your clients.

To find out how –

Just book a call with me.

You and me, We’ll be talking about how to bring it down to that personal level and making sure they DON’T experience the horrors they might have without you.

Here’s where you can learn more.

Discovery Session (steven-mcintosh.com)

There are so many ideas and applications from the few horrors I’ve watched and experienced – and this is just one of many …
For the next lesson in horror think this:
Blair Witch Project.
Some great Business in that film…

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