How Wrong Side Driving gets in Your Customers’ Minds

When you go to London you’ll see these large words at every crosswalk

Standing at a crosswalk in London – telling me to “Look Right”

“Look Right”
“Look Left”

Because they’ve got tons of tourists, and everybody knows – Brits drive on the wrong side of the road (rather than the right 😛

They know it, don’t forget it, but they know you will (forget it).
So they paint these big words in case you do walk out into traffic. And have a car squish you (not a fun experience).

You know where to look. They know where to look, but they remind you anyway.
They do it because if they don’t they’d be picking up tourists’ bodies off the road and it would hold up lots of traffic.

It’s easier and faster to paint a Big ‘ol sign that lets you know to look the other way. (Which you already know anyway.)

You’d think standing in front of traffic going the other way would be enough (basically knowing you might die if you look the wrong way).

It isn’t.
You need a reminder, I need a reminder.
And that’s the point. 
We need reminders about things we already know. And we need lots of them.

People – AKA your customers need to be reminded.
A lot.

Here’re some things they might need to be reminded of.

You’re here. Many people won’t remember you. Don’t care about you and certainly won’t contact you. It’s nothing personal. They just need a reminder

What you’re doing for them (or could do for them). If you’ve got a great service or product, your customers might forget it even exists. You gotta remind them.

Remind them what to do – even if it’s simple. (Hey, it doesn’t get much simpler than “look Right”)
If they need to do something to work with you – even “buy now”. Make it so they can see it and remind them.

And when writing content you might tell them what they already know. That’s okay. They need the reminder.

And of course, this is your reminder that I’m here.

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I’ll see you on the other side.

Daring to Inspire.

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