“It’s not personal, Sonny, it’s strictly business – The Godfather

“It’s not personal, Sonny, it’s strictly business,” Micheal (the Godfather himself) says. Micheal also killed his own brother.

Yeah, here’s the thing:
Business is personal. Pretty much always.

I’m putting myself out there. Sometimes making a name for myself, maybe making a fool of myself as well. But it’s risk,
… time
… effort
… and the life essence I’m putting into it.

Business is about livelihoods, about supporting my addictions (eating, clothes, and a roof over my head).
I imagine it’s the same with you.
Especially if you’re the one putting your skin in the game.

That’s why when I’m working with you I’m bringing my full person. Giving it everything.
There aren’t any half-measures. I’m not clocking out and only doing what I’m supposed to do.

No. I’m in the trenches.
Taking the hits, and making a living from it.
Personally, I much prefer this, and I prefer working with the kind of people that feel this way.
If that’s you, then let me know and we can meet up.



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