Not tech talk! Only more confusing

One of the fastest ways to lose a client, customer or audience…

Confuse them.

In fact, you could say… “The more you confuse them, the faster you lose them”

What happens when you confuse people?

At best… they freeze up and don’t do anything. (just imagine your teacher asking you to do something you and you didn’t understand – happened to me all the time. I’d freeze up.)

At worst… the leave with a sense of anxiety. Not only to never return. but also, to have fear and dread of coming back. That’s what happens when you confuse the person. So, it makes sense you’d want to BE AS CLEAR AS POSSIBLE. And yet some people don’t seem to get this. 


  • Technicians
  • Poets

Here is what I have heard Technicians tell me:

“Everybody already knows these terms.”

“When you say like that, it looks too simplified.” 

“People will think we don’t respect them.”

People will never, never  think you don’t respect them because you explain something they already know. Most people are just glad they know something (hint hint – they feel proud of themselves for knowing something.) 

Over explanation doesn’t hurt. It helps. 

These are the reasons that talking tech doesn’t work. 

But tech talk can actually do a lot to bring you closer to who you’re talking to, that’s if you know how to use it. 

For next time.

If you need someone to understand your tech talk. I’m here

You’re only one conversation away.  


Image courtesy of Matthias Wewering 

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