Old world Business ideas for The Digital life

The Old World is fading away and people are grasping in the attempt to make it stay.

  • Queen Elizabeth II has passed – one of the truly great monarchs of old.
  • Rings of Power is redefining the ideas of Tolkien
  • House of Dragons goes into the deeper history of a fantasy world

We’re fascinated with the past, but at the same time often disregard the truth from them.  
There are both truths and lies in modern times – just as well as in old. 
As the old world dissipates with the light of tomorrow, let’s take a moment to solidify our souls in the moments of truth both old and new.

There are many lessons we could take from the past and apply today. But let’s keep it to business and success. 
There are a lot of talks that it’s all digital now. People don’t want to deal with the physical. Is that true?
Not yet. And not by a long shot. Just realize this.
NetFlix. Yes. Netflix makes a TON of its income from sending DVDs via post. Old style. 

That’s right, one of the biggest “digital” companies in the world still keeps to some old-world ideas. Here’s another one for you. 

YouTube is one of the biggest Social Media platforms that encourages YouTubers to give away swag. Why? Because it’s real. 
Digital might be with us. But the Old-world and Real-world are still with us and are going to stay. 
If you want to be part of that, then your company is going to learn about both. 
Meeting me is where to start.

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I’ll be talking to you soon.


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