Are you this lazy too?

Are you this lazy too?

Is this you too?

A part of me (Mr. Laze) found a way to drive a wedge between me and my work ethic.

Let me explain.

Even though I like to think of myself as evolved, a lot of me still lives in the wilds of the Savanah –  running around in just a loin cloth. I call him Mr. Laze. He’s the animal brain part of me.


He’s impulsive – short, fast or easy – that’s his way. All three if possible.

Back in the days before food grew in supermarkets, before the modern comforts of taxes and government. You had to work just to stay alive. Mr. Laze was exactly who I needed. He found the easy food, fast mates, and short distances. I felt safe. I felt good. And, I had Mr. Laze to be cunning and clever.  I survived because of him.

Come to today.

Well, none of this modern stuff makes sense to Mr. Laze. But he’s still a sneaky rascal. See, I decide to study.  Doing some real learning. You know, get the ol’ noggin into some discovery.

– Good for you, –  I tell myself.  – Starting to study.-  And that was when the problems begin.

‘Course, Mr. Laze has other ideas. Does he tell me? No. That would be too fair. Instead, he goes along with my plan. All gentle, like it’s a sure thing. (Cough, cough)

– Oh, but before you do, you should check your messages. And what about your Facebook page?

I wanna study.

…Right, about that… Didn’t you want to check out that new app?

I stare in horror.

The clock says three hours have gone by. What happened?

Mr. Laze laughs his evil laugh. He got what he wanted…this round

I’ll finish it tomorrow. Until next time…

Tell  me you haven’t  been there. Tell me that hasn’t happened.

Actually don’t. If that kind of thing doesn’t happen to you, then…well…Respect man, Respect. (Probably you’re a woman though). It is hard to get going and doing things. You need that small gentle push. You need support, just a little time.

You need someone there.

If you’re learning English, that’s what Daily English Lessons is about.

You can check it out here.

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