Cooking – The Spice of Life

Cooking is something I do to relax. I love it. It's a discovery of flavors, textures and temperatures. When I was younger I put all my favorite spices and herbs into the dish. The food wasn't bad, but - well, it didn't taste great. No distinction. All one big mush of flavor.

Here's the vocabulary for this post.
  • Textures
  • Spices and herbs
  • Distinction
  • Mush
  • Twists
  • Bland

As I got older I noticed certain spices work well together and certain don't. Some combinations add a surprising twist. So I started experimenting and limited the seasonings I put into the food.
It was almost a discipline to see how few herbs I could add. Sometimes one flavor was too strong. Other times the food was bland - but it helped me understand how seasonings worked. I also felt I could taste the true flavor of the food. That's what I wanted.

Developing my (limited) cooking skills I also play with texture, and heat. What works best.

To me cooking is similar to life. You can add friends, activities, and things into your life. If you add everything together all at once, it's too much and things turn to mush.
One friend, or doing something by yourself may be enough. Just sitting enjoying breathing can be an experience. On the surface it tastes bland, but if you look deeper there is so much flavor. Not the immediate flavor, but tasting the true flavor. 

But just like in cooking where you have to really taste the food, and not simply eat it. Life means experiencing it. Talking about it and reflecting on the experience. That's what conversation is about. 

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