How to succeed – KISS

The most profound ideas are simple. If you want something - want to do something. At it's core, it's a simple idea. When you follow that simple idea you will succeed.
In the words of my friend..
"KISS, Steven, KISS."
"KISS. Keep it simple, stupid."

My cat (I don't have a cat) practicing golf

Here's the vocabulary for this message.
  • KISS
  • Noun
  • Adjective
  • Roundabout
  • Newsstand
  • Look up words

When I started learning Czech, it was simple. I had to practice. Everyday on the way back from work (I worked in a grammar school) I practiced having conversations with myself in Czech. I started practicing at the roundabout and finished at the newsstand. After the conversation I'd have a list of words to look up, and ask about.
The first conversations started with language.
Why? Because it's a conversation topic I needed talk about. (That's what I taught.)
Some of the first words I learned in this topic were
- Noun
- Adjective
- Adverb

I thought it interesting that "noun" is actually literally "essential noun", adjective is literally "added noun". I ended up learning extra words.
If you want to speak - then practice conversation. 
Practice it on your own. 
Practice with another person. 
Then you'll get good. It doesn't matter what it is, you need to practice. 
And the best person to practice conversation with is me.

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