I never want to be young again

Some people want to be young - as if it's something to desire. For me, I love being bit older (and wiser - hopefully).
As a young boy, I wasn't very graceful or coordinated. Bumped into things and tripped over my feet. The best word to describe me was:

(not the same as embarrassing)

Here's the vocabulary for this post.
  • Awkward
  • to desire
  • Bump
  • Trip over your own feet
  • Out of place

Not only that, I wasn't that good at communicating. Sure, I loved language and loved words, but talking to me was like talking to a book. Maybe you've Shakespeare or Tolkien (before he was popular), but you don't talk like them (and I did).
I didn't enjoy being a teen, and would never want to go back to that time.

That's my reason (or excuse) why you haven't been getting emails from me. When I write in Czech I kind of feel like I did when I was a teen.
A little out of place.
And it's true. I don't know how to say it well (not in Czech anyway).  
See, here's the thing. I'd like sending you emails in English and in Czech. But…because I feel awkward sending messages in Czech, I don't send any.
So,  I'm asking you. If you want me to send you messages in also Czech (like this one), tell me.

And I'll send you the same message in Czech tomorrow
Thanks for understanding.

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