Instant gratification – What’s the positive


A dentist drilling doesn’t feel good. Similar to drilling vocabulary

Drilling vocabulary is hard work. It’s also stupid work. Completely stupid.


Because it’s useless. Result = 0

You get frustration and a waste of time. You might be able to learn for an exam, but for everyday use, it isn’t much good.

 When you compare drill next to Google translation (or something else that gives it to you now), the other option looks really attractive.

Side A: You have a hated activity that makes you feel stupid.

 Side B : you have an activity that just makes you stupid. You don’t learn anything from it either, but at least you don’t have to waste the time.

It’s no wonder people choose Google translate.

What did we talk about last time?…Can you recall it…

instant gratification.

What’s positive about it?

The idea of instant gratification is getting it now. That also means getting it sooner. Take learning languages. If you could learn it sooner, remember more, and use the language that would be great. That’s the main desire behind instant gratification. That’s where it’s good. But what you want and the way to get it aren’t the same thing. This is where most people go wrong in learning. You might think: If you get it (the word/ meaning) fast, you are learning fast.

No so.

That’s like saying if you eat the food you know how to prepare it.The process isn’t the same as the result.

Here’s what you need to do to really learn: Enjoy the process.

I know it sounds simple. It is. When you do this, it will change everything.

Keep learning.


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