Reacting like braindead zombies

Stupidity got us into this situation, why can't stupidity get us out of it? (Hloupost nás dostala do této situace, proč nás nemůže hloupost zachranit?)

Here is the vocabulary for this message.

  • Fairy tales
  • Braindead
  • Remind
  • Grim
  • Give me a break
  • Prediction

It surprising the way some people (read = politicians) react to covid.

You could say the reaction is entirely braindead - yeah kind of like a zombie. If it weren't a reality it would be a comedy. But a comedy so absurd no one would take it seriously.
The current situation reminds me of fairy tales. For those who love fairy tales (myself included), it's grim (pun intended)
If we keep on..
acting stupid…
reacting to stupid (being stupid ourselves)
Doing nothing
expecting a change for the better.
Give me a break. It ain't gonna happen.
My prediction - it'll only get worse….
We change the kind of thinking that got us into this situation in the first place.
You can't just "expect" things to get better. (That’s like playing the lottery and expecting to win - yeah, it's happens. And your chances of getting struck by lightening are greater).
As long as you're stuck in your own thinking - your own mind - you won't improve.
Getting out of the habit of your own thinking means changing the way you think. To me, there isn't a better way to do this than actually change the language you think in. It gives you a whole new way of forming thoughts.
So, if you want to new way of thinking about things - a new perspective, jump on a call with me.

You're just one conversation away,

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