Wham! My alcoholic lesson


-Wham!-  My subconscious hits my over the head.

-Do you get the point yet?-  That’s what my subconscious (I like to call it my greater conscious) was telling me.

As the New Year came around I asked myself,

“What lessons did you learn from last year, Steven?” (Life lessons usually come from mistakes and pain)

Before I tell you the lesson, let me catch you up. (Yes, this lesson cost a lot more than lessons of English)

If you’ve been following my story, then you know about the loss of 1/3 of my income. I got into teeth grinding situation. It was bad – my fault. It’s always my fault. Worst of all, this has happened before.


That’s right. I’ve actually been here before? And that means something deeper is happening.

It’s like this friend of mine. She married an alcoholic. Divorced him. Went and married another alcoholic. He’s not the problem – She is; her thinking is.

It’s the same thing with me – Just like marrying another alcoholic. I got myself into the same situation as before.

So, the end of the year come. I look at my thinking and ask – What’s the lesson here, Steven? What is my greater conscious teaching me? Why does it keep putting me in this situation?

Here’s what I arrived at:

I need to trust myself. I saw the signs of losing the income and did nothing because I was comfortable (a better word – “complacent”) I didn’t trust myself to take the action in reaching my potential – so, I ended up where I was. A loss of 1/3 of my income.

What does this year hold for me? Trust.

“Trust yourself.”

Keep thriving,


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