What’s a good friend?

Good friends are hard to find (so are good teachers).
Vocabulary for this message:
• prone to
• A chat (as in a short conversation - not talking online. The "a" is important).
• take care of (not take care about)
• Reliable
• Have things in common

My son has a new "friend". (I actually think she might be more than a "friend", but that's what he says.)
The other day his "friend" and I talked. A friendly chat that's all. She told me a little about herself, and her relationship with my son.
Friendship takes time. You can't know if the person is a good friend within a couple weeks (that's how long they've known each other). Just by talking to her, I could tell she wants to be a good friend. That's a good beginning. My boy is prone to get into trouble a bit more than others I know. I asked her if she could watch out for him; take care of him as a friend. 
"Okay, I'll do that." she said. 
It looks like she is. The next day she called me up and told me a little more about what they do together. This helped me because now I know I call someone if I can't call through to my son (that's a problem sometimes. And being reliable is always good). Whatever their relationship, I'm not worried. She cares and will try to help. My son cares and is doing the best he can. 
I trust him (and I'm beginning to trust her).
That's what really makes a good friend
• Trust
• Other things include:
• Being reliable
• Relating to each other
• Have things in common
But there's one thing that makes for really good friends.
• They help you grow

That takes time.
That's also the best kind of teacher - a teacher that helps you grow. 
It isn't just about teaching language (or anything else), it's about helping you see the wider world. 

If you're interested in more than just learning English, but also discovering the wider world.
Reply to this message with one word

You're just one conversation away,

Yes, I know the words aren't that new, but so many people forget them. That's something a good friend (and teacher) helps with - a gentle reminder. If you need reminders, just respond with a simple message. 

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