When Customers Vanish like a Fart in the Wind

How it happens (more like who) and what to do about it

There’s a specialty shop close to where I live. I like the items they sell (fresh fresh milk, homemade butter – homegrown veggies – great stuff). I don’t go into this shop. I don’t want to. I’ve tried several times. Every time it is the same.

No, it is not the items, nor lack of convenience.


It it the service…. The people are basically nice. They aren’t rude. It seems like they want to help.

But… There is this energy about them.

I don’t feel good when I go in there. For a long time I couldn’t figure it out. It was like

“Huh? What’s wrong with this place?”

Then it hit me. They act like

The people who run the place act like “oh poor me.” “I don’t have enough.” Nobody, not no body wants to be around people who act like victims. And they act like victims.

It’s an icky feeling. Bleh!

So I stay away.

The lesson in this is simple.

P.S. I just heard they now have new owners, I’ll check it out again and see if the atmosphere has changed.

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