Winter solstice a new beginning

Here's the vocabulary for this post.
  • Solstice
  • Burrow
  • Nestle
  • Height
  • Intention

A rather deep (but positive) message for today. If you're not  in the mood for that, then just skip reading.
Tonight is the longest night of the year. Winter solstice
Winter holds us in its palm.
Plants don't grow. Nature is dark and silent.
That's the way it's supposed to be. Deep, dark and silent.
Because it's from this state that we discover who we are.
We get to burrow deep. Nestle in our own souls discovering truths about ourselves.

During active times of year I don't get to see it so much. I'm too busy. Too involved in other things.

Stopping, and looking at life, in the deep dark silence helps me see.
Height, light and sound are good. But so is deep dark silence.
It's the time for me to plant seeds I'll see later.

I don't think of them as "New Year's resolutions" More like intentions. The small start of something that can grow.
One year I started yoga - a gentle start a few minutes a day. No, I don't practice everyday. But often enough. It's helped me maintain higher energy and focus.

This time I'm starting writing. Not a lot. Just enough to know I can do it - and do it regularly. Maybe it will be everyday. Maybe it won't. It's an intention. If it takes hold, I hope it'll grow into something -
I don't know.
I don't usually know. I just try it out.

So, rather than starting on New Year's I start today. It seems more fitting to me. And it's just an intention - a direction I want to go. This means I keep it easy on myself. If I miss it, okay. I can do it the next day.

What about you?
Do you have intentions for discovering yourself?
This is the  deepest, darkest night. How do you see nestling into your soul?

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