Sunrise shining light on your business

Up at 5:30 AM before the break of dawn. 

Every day I sit down in the morning for my personal quiet time.
And today of all days I enjoy this stunning sunrise lasting only a couple of minutes. (That’s the photo I took)  Long enough for me to just enjoy a few deep breaths before it vanishes with the sun cresting the mountains. 

Most people won’t have seen it, or are too busy in the morning to notice.
It might be called lucky timing – but is it? I didn’t just happen to see it. I saw it because I was ready. 

Is it really lucky timing that brings people to success – or is it similar to the sunrise I watched this morning?

Waking up every day and half the year I get to see the sunrise (the other half of the time it rises too early for me.)
Sitting and having quiet time. Just so I can notice it coming.
It doesn’t just “happen”. There are practices and awareness in play that make it possible.
Those breakthroughs you might need in your business or life. Those are key to your success. But they don’t start with breakthroughs…

They start…

With meeting me (or maybe it’s something else. But we’ll say it’s meeting me)
If you want to meet me you can book a time with me right here.

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