The Day for Lubbers, Losers, and Loonies (AKA Valentine’s day)

…and the Secret to bringing in more business

You’ve got a business. Something that has jack-squat to do with “Love” Maybe you’re in consulting, machinery, or data management. You know. The type that has really nothing about nothing to do with “the day of Loooove“. You don’t really care about it, neither do you customers.

What do you do?

You waste the opportunity this day presents. What’s great about Valentine’s day (more than any other day for marketing) is that it has one – and only one definite theme. (Hope you know what it is – if not, then uh… never mind.)

OR… you could do what no one and I mean no one else is doing.

Here’s everyone else does –  They like to be part of the noise. Contribute to more noise. Maybe might even stand out a moment just to be swallowed by others.  They’re a bunch of zombies moaning and groaning. They’re all clumped together, trudging towards their inevitable non-existence, thinking that doing this is the right way. Eventually ones zombie sees a target and jumps up to get it. The short lived victory for food quickly vanishes in the throng of more zombies.

And I see it happening with businesses all the time. One business has a way of advertising (memes anyone?) now everyone does it. Before you can blink it’s all gone.

Instead, take the contrarian road. (That always sounds good, isn’t it?*) Everybody is selling the day of Lovers. So…

Sell the day of Lubbers, or losers – or whatever. Put yourself as in direct opposition to “love”. A great way to attract people. (And if you thinking you can’t do that with your business… maybe you need me.)

Just book a time and we’ll talk.

Steven (Lovin’) McIntosh

P.S. * for you grammar police out there… Yes, I’m quite aware it is incorrect. But if you’ve heard the British speak. Dat’s how they does it. Ya’ get me? Maybe you need the help too. Check me out.

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