The Four horsemen Apocalypse of Business

The doom of your business if you see these four horsemen riding into your business

If you see these four people coming into your business, do something fast. Your business is heading for dum, dum, dum. DOOOOM!

There are people who doom your business. They bring doom with them. And they are in the inside, ravaging and causing havoc. If you’re the large corporation you can afford to have these parasitic, bloodsucking, soul-draining, excuses for employees on your staff. (Strangely enough you can find these kind of people in all levels of a company.) With the young fresh company that’s not who you want.

Let’s stop for a moment and realize. These are always – always people inside the company. There are forces that will destroy a company from without. But only you can bring these people into the company and let them work for you.

So here they are. The Four horsemen bringing doom and destruction.

  1. Famine (The very presence of this person is so negative customers vanish)
  2. Plague (Making problems and causing problems that aren’t problems – a true plague on your business)
  3. War (Causing strife and division among the company)
  4. Death (shooting down innovation and creativity)

These are the basics. And just the beginning – Each horseman is a terror in his own right, willing to destroy your business…

So you need to know, prepare and eliminate quickly.

Till next time, keep your guard up and mind open, we’ll be exploring this further.

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